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The Pays de Vitré Tourist Office is committed to upholding the General Regulation on Data Protection (RGPD) became effective on May 25, 2018.

Types of data collected:
Information collected by using the web-form on the page « Contact us », « Brochure request » or even the online ticketing service are built to answer at a specific formatted question based on your identity, your contact details, the message subject and department selected

This informations will allow us to answer you as fully as possible.
Sending of forms permit to register and return your voluntary consent to the transmission of data.

Dissemination of personal data:
None of the personal information communicated are transferred to third parties. Shared data by sending forms from the page « Contact-us », page »Request brochures » or online ticketing service are managed by Tourist Office Department according to their purposes. Our site follows the CNIL recommendations for the collection and processing of personal data.

Management of personal data:
Information provided by the users are archived for three years as recommended by law.

Information provided by professional partners that could contain personal information are also archived for three years. Before this deadline, interested parties are contacted by e-mail to inform them in case of a renewal or an update of their data. They could raise an objection on this occasion.
Internship or job application are not archived if they do not correspond to an ongoing recruitment action.
You also have a permanent right to consult, change, correct and delete data about yourself. You can exercise it by using the form on the contact page, or using the contact information located at the bottom of the page

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Media and Photo Credits:

  • Graphics and Author Works: Aceli
  • Photos: Vitré Tourist Office; Art photographer
  • Photos and insertion documents: refer to broadcasters

Photo credit details:

  • Photo Plus Maignan, Bernard Le Fellic, Bernard Gendron
  • Vitré Communauté (page Les piscines Aquatide et La Guerche)
  • Le Vendelais Association (page « Cinéma » for cinéma Le Vendelais)
  • Association Aurore Cinema (page « Leisure » and « Cinéma »))
  • Florentin (Branféré Park)
  • ERE Eiffage (LGV Ticketing page)
  • Chai d’Anthon (Partners page – General food)
  • Le Chai d’Anthon (Partners page – General food)
  • The Florist (Partners page – Flower decoration gift)
  • Les Vergers de launay (Partners page – Producers, direct sales)
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Users acknowledge that they have been informed that is accessible without interruption, except in the case of force majeure, incidents, servers maintenance, difficulties related to communications networks or any other technical problems. For maintenance reasons, ACELI reserves the right to interrupt the broadcast of the site at any time.

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Our site uses external features that may temporarily place cookies such as:

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If you encounter difficulties to exersice this right, or if you want informations, contact-us: either by the form of the contact page , by mail  , or by telephone on 02 99 75 04 46

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Informations contained in our website are as accurate as possible and the site is regularly updated, however it may contain inaccuracies, omissions or gaps. If you notice a gap, error or what appears to be a malfunction, thank you to report it by email. Describing the problem you have with the most accurate way possible (page causing problems, type of computer and used browser, …).

Any downloaded content is at the user’s own risk and under his sole responsibility. the Pays de Vitré Tourist Office can’t be held responsible for any damage to the user’s computer or any loss of data resulting from the download.

Pictures are not contractual.

Links contained in the site, to external resources, are to provide additional informations and also for the support and promotion of our partners.

Although we take the greatest care in checking the content of these external sources when setting up links. We recommend caution because the responsibility of the Pays de Vitré Tourist Office can’t be engaged.

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